Know what you want before you speak to or look even look for movers

Make your life easier by knowing exactly what you want in your removal company. Do you have any furniture or art that needs special treatment or is very heavy? Are you moving to a remote or extremely distant location? Have you got any pets that need to be moved?

1. Word of the day, Details.

Look for a company that listens to you, tailors a plan according to you specifically, not a company that fits you into a prefab shape. Moving home includes many variables that make it important to know that you are catered for specifically.

2. Well trained staff

Moving is not only a risk to your property but also to the staff members who are on the job. Staff needs to be trained to deal with heavy and abnormal loads and be healthy of body and mind.

3. Fair and accurate pricing.

Feel good when you make payment for the move. When your move costs are accurately determined and you as the client are charged accordingly you feel that the deal if fair. Make your own calculations in terms of petrol costs and number of staff used during your move, this way you will have a better idea of the fairness of the deal.

4. Packing materials and service

Almost everything you own must be safely packed in high quality packing materials because without this you run a far greater risk of your goods getting damaged or lost. A good moving company will offer you a range of packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap, a fantastic moving company will also do the packing for you. Remove some of the stress from your next move knowing that your house is professionally packed and moved all in one swoop.

5. A good removal company near you

Does your prospective removal company have a branch in the city you are moving from? You are likely to get a good deal if you can speak to a representative face to face and it will make the assessment that much easier. So when looking for a moving company start local and then extend your search outward systematically.

6. Includes a storage service offering

Any moving company worth their salt will offer you a storage service. Too often you will find the need to store at least a few pieces of furniture, sometimes due to not having space in your new home, sometimes simply needing a place to keep a special heirloom to give to your nephew or grandchild. So choose a service that includes secured storage option for a reasonable price.

7. Personalized representative

Expect a good company to assign and send you a rep to deal with your specific needs. The rep should conduct a thorough survey pre-move where all details are considered. This means you and they are less likely to trip up along the way and in turn means your furniture and household goods are packed and handled correctly to avoid any type of damage.

8. Removal vehicle access

Can a truck access both properties. This is something that should be determined in advance and good movers will do this and ensure that a plan is in place to deal with any tricky logistics and include items like dolly’s and carrying straps.

9. Insurance offered.

Anything can happen on the long roads, ask your company how you are covered for loss. Ask specifically about coverage for damage and loss of goods.

10. Real references for good service

A real company will have real reviews and references. Always start by finding out what people are saying about your potential service provider.

11. What are their policies

Although this does not neccesarily tie in with what makes a moving compnay good it is very important that you as the client know exactly what their policies are in terms of assurance and loss. Take the time to read their terms and conditions, don’t wait for the “machine” to break before you read “the manual”.

12. A quality vehicle pool and labor force

Quality moving compnaies have quality vehicles to safely move your posessions and have a labor force to drive the vehicles and manage the packing and unpacking.

13. Necessary Licensing

The right moving company for you will not be just a guy and truck who works from his home garage. Make sure your prospective movers are licensed as movers and that the designated members of staff have the correct code driving license.

14. Friendly considerate service

This may seem redundant but the attitude of the staff member that you deal with are a dead give away that the inner workings of the company is not in order,not to mention the fact that dealing with a disgruntled workers in your home could feel intimidating and put a dark cloud over an already trying experience.